Sir Paul McCartney is seeking full custody of his four-year-old daughter with Heather Mills, following the ex-model's suicide revelations on TV last Wednesday (31Oct07). Mills, 39, ranted to a British interviewer that she was finding life impossible following a string of bad press - and had contemplated ending her life after her marriage to the former Beatle ended in May 2006. But her TV confessions have worried MCCartney, who fears their daughter Beatrice could be at risk from Mills' erratic behaviour. A close pal tells British newspaper the News Of The World, "Paul fears Heather's lost the plot and needs help. He's deeply worried. "She claimed to the world that her life's at risk. If that's true, so is Bea's and she must be with her dad. "Paul's main concern is Bea's safety and well-being. Going for full custody is a last resort but he's really scared for his child. He doesn't feel he's got a choice now. "Paul did plead with Heather to consider Bea before she went on these TV shows, but she ignored him. Now he's deeply concerned their daughter is growing more aware of the public war between them." The estranged couple had previously agreed for Mills to take primary custody, with MCCartney entitled to regular visits. The news of MCCartney's plans for full custody come as Mills faces questioning by social services about her ability as a mother. A senior U.K. health visitor says, "There is a duty of care. We will investigate the claims that a woman has considered taking her own life and decide whether these claims can be substantiated. If there are grounds for concern we will decide on the next course of action."