An essay Sir Paul McCartney wrote as a schoolboy, praising British Royal Queen Elizabeth II, has been uncovered in his hometown of Liverpool, England.
The former Beatles star was just 10 years old when he paid tribute to "our lovely young Queen" in honour of her coronation in 1953.
In the 300-word paper, MCCartney writes, "After all this bother, many people will agree with me that it was well worth it."
MCCartney was awarded a book token from his local library for his effort and was presented with his prize by the Lord Mayor in May, 1953.
Ken Roach, who found the essay in library archives, says, "It's unique in its own right. It shows his handwriting at that age and shows how Paul was thinking at the time. His handwriting is well advanced - you would say it was written by someone who was older than 10 years old, more like 14 or 15."