Sir Paul McCartney refused estranged wife Heather Mills access to his English country home yesterday (15AUG06), forcing her to collect their daughter BEATRICE from a nearby hotel. The former beatle wed Mills in 2002, but the couple announced they were separating in May (06) after nearly four years of marriage and are currently locked in divorce proceedings. The 64-year-old insisted Mills picked up the two-year-old tot from the Flackley Ash Hotel, which is situated less than one kilometre from his Peasmarsh estate. MCCartney had been looking after Beatrice for the past week and sent her to the hotel with her nanny, where Mills arrived in a helicopter and flew her daughter to Heathrow airport where they were due to catch a flight. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Paul made it very clear he didn't want her at the main house for the handover. "Heather wasn't angry or upset - she just shrugged her shoulders and said, 'If he wants to play it that way, then let him.'"