Sir Paul McCartney has performed in front of more than 40,000 fans in Tel Aviv, almost half a century after being banned from singing in Israel.

The Beatles were forced to cancel a concert in 1965 amid fears their songs could "corrupt the nation's youth".

Many of those now grown-up youths were in the audience last night at Yarkon Park for Sir Paul's two-hour set.

The 66-year-old alternated between songs from the Beatles back catalogue and his own solo career.

Yesterday, Let it Be and Sergeant Pepper were greeted with roars of approval from the crowd, but Sir Paul's attempts at Hebrew bemused many.

"Alahan Jude," he said as way of an introduction to the Beatles classic Hey Jude.

The ex-Beatle's concert had attracted criticism from Palestinian groups, but Sir Paul left in the same way as he arrived; with a "message of peace".

26/09/2008 10:21:21