Pop legend Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly been ordered to stop smoking cannabis - by wife Heather Mills

The former model, 36, was heard saying she has told the former beatle, 61, he is banned from puffing on marijuana, at the PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARDS, held at SIR Richard Branson's London mansion, earlier this month (FEB04).

She told fellow guests - including soccer player Gary Lineker and British TV host CAROL VORDERMAN - Macca's next album will be his best, because he's drug free.

An insider tells THE DAILY MAIL, "Heather was very firm and said that cannabis was a gateway drug that can lead to schizophrenia.

"Heather added that Paul is banned from smoking it again. She joked that if he smokes it, he's out.

"She thought that having given up, his next album would be one of his best."

A spokeswoman for Mills says, "She does recall having a serious conversation in private regarding drugs.

"The context of the conversation was regarding whether a young person with a drugs conviction should receive an award.

"I am not going to ask her whether she has stopped Sir Paul smoking cannabis. She's too busy for questions like that."

26/02/2004 21:07