Sir Paul McCartney is writing a new musical based on his previous romantic relationships - with the show branded as a tribute to his late wife LINDA. The work will tell the story of SHANTY and MARY, a couple who manage to balance their romance with a busy work life, and is said to centre around the former beatle's experiences with first wife Linda and estranged partner Heather Mills. But the musical has been besieged by setbacks following the MCCartney-Mills divorce battle. KATE ROBBINS, MCCartney's cousin, says, "Paul will approve every note as musical director. It has been delayed by divorce worries." The music of the new show will be based on MCCartney's first ever classical work THE LIVERPOOL ORATORIO, which was penned in 1991. MCCartney unveiled new classical album ECCE COR MEUM last month (NOV06), which is also dedicated to wife Linda who died in 1998.