Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly told Heather Mills she will make nothing from their impending divorce - as he didn't earn any money during their four year marriage. The former beatle has issued his estranged wife's lawyers with the statement, and is hoping Mills will not fight the divorce in a courtroom - as he claims she would "end up with nothing". MCCartney, whose amassed fortune is rumoured to be around GBP300 million ($585 million), made his money before marrying Mills in 2002. He says he made a financial loss until 2006, after embarking on several world tours, according to British newspaper Daily Mirror. British lawyer CAITLIN JENKINS says, "It's a good tactic for Sir Paul - but also quite a high-risk strategy. "Only about 10 per cent of contested divorce cases go down this route. "Sir Paul is trying to persuade Heather's team to advise her to come to an agreement - by suggesting she could end up with nothing if the divorce goes to court. "In essence, Sir Paul is showing her how bad it could be for her."