Pop legend Sir Paul McCartney will never stop writing songs - because writing music is his therapy.

The former beatle loves being able to turn his pain into music and confesses he spends hours pouring out his troubles to his guitar.

And it has helped him deal with the deaths of beloved wife LINDA and, former bandmates George Harrison, and John Lennon.

He says, "I can't quite believe it's over. It's just a really sad feeling sometimes."

"It's that feeling of finality isn't it? For a long time you just want to ring them up, you know, and you think, 'S**t, I can't!'

"If I'm feeling really low, I'll take my guitar into the darkest corner I can find in the house, and go there and sit with it and talk to the guitar, explain it all to the guitar. And it works."

"There's this sort of therapy aspect in songwriting. You come out of there, and it's magical."