Sir Paul McCartney, SIR Elton John and Madonna and Guy Ritchie have all scored places among 2008's top British music millionaires.
The former Beatle's place in the list of all of U.K. millionaires has slipped in the last year, following his lengthy divorce settlement with ex-wife Heather Mills, which caused his fortune to drop nearly $50 million (GBP24.3 million).
MCCartney now ranks third in The Sunday Times newspaper's top 50 richest millionaires in Britain's music industry.
Madonna and her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie have increased their shared fortune to $600 million (GBP300 million) with earnings from the pop star's recent tours and the sale of her portion of Maverick Records to the Warner Music Group.
Similarly, Rocket Man hitmaker Elton John had an exceptional year, with his global tour pocketing him an additional $20 million (GBP10 million) to add to his 2007 fortune of $450 million (GBP225 million).
The top 10 is as follows:
1. Clive Calder - $2.6 billion (GBP1.3 billion) 2. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber - $1.5 billion (GBP750 million) 3. Sir Paul MCCartney - $1 billion (GBP500 million) 4= Simon Fuller - $900 million (GBP450 million) 4= Sir Cameron MACkintosh - $900 million (GBP450 million) 6. Madonna and Guy Ritchie - $600 million (GBP300 million) 7. Guy and Julia Hands - $500 million (GBP250 million) 8. Sir Elton John - $470 million (GBP235 million) 9. Sir Mick Jagger - $450 million (GBP225 million) 10. Robert Stigwood - $424 million (GBP212 million).