Veteran rocker Sir Paul McCartney has credited his late wife LINDA with helping him "heal" after the Beatles split up in 1970.
The singer admits he's always felt uncomfortable travelling to remote places in England - because he hates finding himself in unknown territory.
However, Linda loved walks in the countryside, and MCCartney accepts these post-Beatles occasions taught him to relax and helped him come to terms with the demise of the Fab Four.
He says, "When we went for a drive, Linda always wanted to get lost. I had an in-built panic about being lost. I always want to know where London is. I don't want to get to, say, (Middlesex, England town) Staines and not know my way back.
"We would go down to the most obscure places, have a great time, find a little tearoom or a riverbank. She taught me little things like that, to relax and be down to earth. It was very valuable to me then, a great part of the healing process after the Beatles broke up."
Linda MCCartney lost her battle with breast cancer on 17 April 1998.