Sir Paul McCartney has praised his late wife LINDA's refusal to court publicity - in stark contrast to the attention-grabbing antics of his subsequent spouse Heather Mills.
In a moving tribute to Linda - who lost her battle with breast cancer 10 years ago this month (17Apr08) - the former Beatles singer has hailed her determination to keep their private life out of the news as one of her greatest assets.
Mills, by contrast, has developed an infamous reputation for dragging intimate details of her private life and marriage to MCCartney into the spotlight, most notably when she launched into a bitter diatribe on British TV show GM:TV last November (07).
The former couple reached a divorce settlement last month (Mar08), when a London court awarded Mills $48.6 million (GBP24.3 million).
Writing about Linda exclusively in British newspaper The Sunday Times, MCCartney says, "She didn't go on TV and say, 'This is who I am - hello,' and try to ingratiate herself. We didn't need to do that - it was our life, not theirs. We were too busy living it.
"When anybody came to the house and met her, they thought she was fantastic. She was just a great person to hang with: very funny, very smart and very talented."