Sir Paul McCartney decided to release his latest album through coffee chain Starbucks' new record company because he was "bored" with the "jaded" attitude of executives at his former label. The 64-year-old, who releases Memory Almost Full on Starbucks' Hear Music label on Tuesday (05Jun07), decided to leave EMI after 43 years with the company, a decision he claims was due to advances in technology. MCCartney says, "I was bored with the old record company's jaded view. "They're very confused, and they will admit it themselves - that this is a new world, and they're a little bit at a loss as to what to do. "So they've got millions of dollars and X budget for them to come up with boring ways - because they've been at it for so long - to what they call 'market' it. And I find that all a bit disturbing. "I write it, I play it, I record it, and that's all fun. And you go to the record company, and it gets very boring. You sit around in rooms with people, and you're almost falling asleep and they're almost falling asleep."