Rocker Sir Paul McCartney is ditching songs sung by late star John Lennon for a reworked version of THE Beatles album LET IT BE.

The controversial move comes less than a year after he swapped the famous Lennon + McCartney signature on certain Beatles tracks featured on the star's live DVD, sparking an outburst from the IMAGINE singer's widow Yoko Ono.

According to Britain's The Sun tabloid, the tunes DIG IT and MAGGIE MAE, together with recorded comments made by Lennon, will be emitted from LET IT BE NAKED - the title given to the revamped LP.

McCartney and drummer RINGO STARR - the only two surviving members of the legendary band, following George Harrison's passing in 2001 - have spent months working on the album and are promising an entirely new sound for fans.

18/09/2003 14:05