Sir Paul McCartney turned his latest magazine photospread into a true family affair - the then-and-now snapshots were taken by his late wife LINDA and daughter MARY. The new Interview spread features rare archive shots of the former Beatle, taken by his late wife, while daughter Mary captured the 65-year-old as he is today. In the accompanying article with Interview editor Ingrid Sischy, MCCartney recalls his late wife's special photographic gift. He says, "She was like no other photographer I've ever encountered... Linda would just sit around and talk to you. It wouldn't be like a session. "She's just sit down, raise her camera, and go, `Click.'" MCCartney credits his late wife with giving the Beatles a more natural look: "The other photographers weren't of our generation, so we did what they told us: `Good boys. Sit There. Put these spectacles on.' There are so many pictures of us with spectacles and tweed jackets. "Then along comes Linda, and she was just like a mate... Her sessions were conversations interspersed with clicks. And those clicks were always at the right moment." Ironically, the shots that MCCartney's daughter Mary took for the shoot were at the house where she was born.