Animal rights campaigner Sir Paul McCartney is appealing to the governor of Arizona to oppose plans to build an animal testing laboratory in the state. The former beatle owns a ranch in the area and wants Governor Janet Napolitano to reject testing company Covance's plans to build a facility in Chandler. The HELP! hitmaker was swayed towards the cause after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claimed to have filmed an undercover video exposing the abuse of monkeys in Covance's Vienna, Virginia, clinic. MCCartney is taking on the cause on behalf of his late wife Linda Mccartney who spent some of her final days at the ranch before she passed away in 1998. The singer/songwriter's letter to Napolitano, dated 3 March (06), reads, "Arizona has a special place in my heart. "It is for her (Linda) and all of us who want to protect animals from harm that I am writing to ask you not to let Covance, an animal testing laboratory, set up shop in Chandler." Covance spokeswoman Laurene Isip insists the company's research saves lives while abiding by ethical guidelines, "It is unfortunate that PETA is using Mr MCCartney to spread their false allegations against our company. "Covance conducts government required medical research to find medicines for diseases like breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and many others."