Sir Paul McCartney often needs someone to hold his hand when he listens to his songs, because he always revisits the emotions he felt when he was wrote them. The former beatle reveals his new classical album ECCE COR MEUM is filled with emotional moments and family memories, even though he stopped working on it for two years to grieve the death of his late wife LINDA, who died from breast cancer in 1998. Discussing the composition's origins, he says, "It was almost like a therapy. You'd work through this feeling. You'd put it in the music, you'd start caressing the guitar, there was this soothing aspect and in the end you'd come out with an answer and you'd feel better. "I'm a family man so that is the root of it all for me. And in Ecce Cor Meum there are some bits in it that are very emotional for me, that have memories of certain moments. "So to have your family and friends around when I'm going through these sort of emotional moments, memories of certain things that happened during the making of Ecce, is very valuable, and just to have someone next to you to hold your hand because they know this is going to get you. "Inevitably moods and feelings and emotions find their way into your music, whether you like it or not."