Sir Paul McCartney is considering using his latest album to attack the media over what he views as derogatory comments about his wife HEATHER.

The former beatle has hit out at negative tabloid stories written about his charity campaigner spouse through the lyrics to new song HOMETOWN PAPERS, which include the lines, "Said she was a gold digger / Said that I was a fool / Said I rich, crazy, lonely / She was beautiful but crude".

A source tells British newspaper the DAILY MAIL, "Paul is so angry about what people have been saying about Heather.

"Writing is his way of expressing himself so it is no surprise that he has composed this song.

"Heather has been really upset by a lot of the criticism about their relationship - it has really dragged her down - and he can't stand to see her so low.

"This is particularly written about the British newspapers because they don't get anything like the same sort of criticism in the American newspapers.

"Paul has written the song for his new album - he is presently deciding whether to definitely put it on as he knows this will stoke up even more problems with the press."

McCartney, who married the former model in June 2002, has already spoken of his anger over the treatment his 37-year-old wife has received.

The singer recently said, "It hurts me to see her wounded by these scurrilous reports and not have anyone to put the record straight".

17/04/2005 10:24