Sir Paul McCartney is considering taking up residency in London's O2 Arena after scaling back his upcoming show schedule as a planned U.K. tour fell through.
The Beatles legend was hoping to tour the U.K., playing dates in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
But he has been forced to just stick to the mammoth O2 Arena in the British capital after his promoter failed to secure venues before the end of the year (09).
However, MCCartney has hinted that he'd like to set up an extended stay at the stadium - as it would remind him of his days with the Fab Four.
He tells Absolute Radio, "I quite fancy that (a London residency). Last time I ever did that was when The Beatles used to do Christmas shows, and it was brilliant because you would be there for a week or two. It was fantastic, just dossing (relaxing) in your overcoat and everything.
"I came back from America and a lot of people said, 'I hear you’ve been to America, are you doing any British dates?' I said, 'No', and they said, 'Why not?'. So I rung my promoter and said, 'Hey, can we do some English dates and can we play maybe Scotland?'
"He had a brilliant idea of the Union Jack Tour, it was going to be Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland - but he couldn't get the availability at such short notice. The only thing he could really get firm was The O2, so he built a little European tour around it."
MCCartney will play the O2 Arena on Tuesday (22Dec09).