Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly frozen his joint account with estranged wife Heather Mills, over fears she will plunder their finances for herself British newspapers The Sun, The Mirror and Daily Mail claim the former beatle, 64, has recently discovered a series of four and five-figure withdrawals from the account. The couple are currently preparing for a divorce battle, with Mills fighting for a share of the veteran rocker's vast fortune. A source tells The Sun, "Sir Paul was disgusted by the obscene amounts of money Heather was withdrawing. It seems she is determined to spend money while she has the chance before the divorce goes through." Another source quoted in the Mail says, "He has always been very generous with his money, especially towards Heather and their charities, but now that they are divorcing, the maxim 'What's mine is yours' no longer applies. "When Heather recently went to draw out some more cash on her credit card, she was mortified to discover that she'd been barred."