Speculation is rife that a track on Sir Paul McCartney's latest album is about his split with ex-wife Heather Mills.

The former Beatle's lengthy divorce battle with Mills came to an end on Monday, with Mills awarded £24.3 million in her divorce settlement but coming in for public criticism after the publication of Mr Justice Bennett's full ruling revealed she was seen as a "less-than-impressive witness".

And according to fans of Sir Paul, a track on Memory Almost Full - released through the Starbucks coffee chain's Hear Music label - could be about the musician's marriage with former model Mills.

Mister Bellamy, track six on Memory Almost Full, is an anagram of "Mills betray me" and fans have claimed the lyrics "I'm not coming down, no matter what you do" and "No-one to tell me what to do, no-one to hold my hand" are indicative of Sir Paul's feelings towards his former wife.

One fan said on an internet forum: "Macca [Sir Paul] wouldn't be so blunt as to write a song specifically about someone, or a situation, and then say so, but you'd have to be a fool not to understand that he does write these songs."

And another added: "Paul writes metaphorically.

"He can write a song about his relationship with Heather without actually saying the words Heather, wife, divorce or mistrust."

In a video for the Memory Almost Full website, Sir Paul said: "Who is Mr Bellamy? Well, I never know who these people are."

He went on: "Who is Chuck and Dave from When I'm 64? Who is Eleanor Rigby? Who is Desmond and Molly from Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da? I don't know, I just make them up.

"I like giving characters names and just making them up and trying to make them fit."

25/03/2008 10:31:31