Sir Paul McCartney is planning to reunite with his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon and finish an unreleased track the pair sang together. The Fab Four abandoned Now And Then during their prime. MCCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr tried to resurrect the track when they put together their BEATLES ANTHOLOGY albums ten years ago, but guitarist Harrison claimed it was not good enough. But MCCartney wants to go back and finish the job. A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "It has always niggled a bit with Paul that they didn't finish Now And Then. "While George wasn't keen, Paul always though the song had a lot of potential. He is now hoping to complete it after all, with him singing the harmonies to John's lead vocal. It would obviously be very moving to hear the pair of them singing together one last time." MCCartney himself recently said of the song, "It needed a bit of reworking but it had a beautiful verse."