Former BEATLE Paul McCartney will be the first artist signed to coffee chain Starbucks' new record label since splitting from Capitol Records after a 43-year relationship. The 64-year-old rocker has recorded for Capitol since the Beatles' first album in 1964. MCCartney took a brief break from the company in the early 1980s - when he moved to Columbia Records - but soon returned to Capitol. The Beatle also plans to take his entire back catalogue of WINGS and solo work with him. The catalogue includes classics like BAND ON THE RUN and his most recent hit album, CHAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACKYARD, which was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, in 2006. According to Fox News, MCCartney will be the first artist to sign with US-based coffee chain Starbucks' new Hear Music record label, releasing a new album this autumn (07). A source claims record executives at Capitol were devastated by the news, saying, "They knew it was coming. They did nothing for the Chaos album, and they were reminded that MCCartney's entire contract was ending."