Sir Paul McCartney's upcoming divorce from Heather Mills MCCARTNEY could end in the biggest settlement in UK history, according to British legal experts. THE Beatles rocker, 63, and former model, 38, announced their split yesterday (17MAY06) after nearly four years of marriage. Leading divorce lawyer ALAN KAUFMAN is convinced the couple, who in insist their divorce will be amicable, will settle out of court. He explains, "Just a very tiny percentage of divorces finish up in the courts, and high profile celebrities nearly all settle among themselves. "Sir Paul MCCartney is supposed to be worth in excess of GBP800 million so it is bound to be one of the largest divorce settlements of all time. "There have been some enormous settlements that have gone on behind the scenes that we never hear about because of confidentiality clauses, so it is unlikely to be the biggest, but it will be up there. "PRINCESS DIANA'S settlement was something under GBP20 million, which puts this in perspective."