LATEST: Former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney has slammed rumours his longterm publicist Geoff Baker quit because of a rift with the singer's wife HEATHER MILLS.

McCartney took the unusual step of issuing a detailed statement last night (14SEP04) denying reports Mills disapproved of Baker's regular cannabis habit and encouraged the HEY JUDE star to distance himself from his employee of 15 years.

He said, "I find it very sad that after years of friendship, my publicist Geoff Baker and I are parting. Over the past few months, his behaviour has not reached the professional standards I had come to expect from Geoff and it is with regret that I am forced to end our relationship.

"It is particularly sad that he has chosen to attempt to implicate my wife Heather in this business and I can say now that she has had absolutely nothing to do with this.

"In fact, she has always been a great supporter of his. This is purely between Geoff and myself and I am sad to see it end in this way."

15/09/2004 13:17