Sir Paul McCartney is ecstatic his late wife LINDA's photographs are finally going on display in the U.K. - because the exhibition will help to keep her memory alive.
A London exhibition of her photos is set to go on show at the James Hyman Gallery on Friday (25Apr08), in what will be the first major display of her work in her adopted Britain.
The art show will also mark the 10th anniversary of the American's death; she lost her battle with breast cancer on 17th April 1998.
And the former Beatle is delighted to be able to honour his "great" wife's memory by putting the collection of works on display.
He says, "Since she passed away, the thing is that you worry that she's not around, so her stuff is not going to be exhibited.
"We work as a family to ensure that her work is still exhibited, so it means that people are exposed who haven't seen it before. It's great for me just to remind people how great she was."