Sir Paul McCartney's cousin has publicly branded his estranged wife Heather Mills a liar - and says the former model "has lost her grip on reality". Comedienne KATE ROBBINS also slammed Mills' claims the former beatle was violent, saying of MCCartney, "You couldn't meet a less violent person." Although Robbins did defend Mills from some accusations - insisting she isn't a gold-digger and that her charity work for good causes is admirable - she added Mills was prone to exaggeration. She says, "I've known her to tell huge whoppers. Her trousers must be permanently alight. Robbins claims the couple were genuinely in love when Mills and MCCartney wed in 2002. She says, "I was at their wedding in 2002 and they were in love. I am not calling her a gold digger. I am saying she is economical with the truth. "All our family bent over backwards for Heather and did our best to make her feel included when she married Paul. I stood up for her against claims she was a gold-digger. But I've come to see, when it comes to being a human, she's not the nicest person."