Sir Paul McCartney poked fun at U.S. talk show titan Larry King during a rare TV interview on Tuesday (26Jun07) when the CNN host accidentally called Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr "George." King insisted he was getting ahead of himself after asking the two Beatles where they were when John Lennon was shot, and planning his follow-up question about George Harrison's death. But fun-loving MCCartney wasn't going to let the veteran broadcaster get away with his slip-up. He said, "No, this is Ringo... He's got your name wrong, Ringo, on national television. We can't cut it, it's live." The moment of brevity reminded many fans of the Beatles' early U.S. TV interviews - when the bandmates poked fun at reporters. Starr later poked fun at King when he told the host, "He's (MCCartney) still the most melodic bass player on the planet," prompting the newsman to ask, "What does that mean." The drummer shot back, "It means he's melodic!"