Sir Paul McCartney has urged animal rights campaigners never to give up fighting, insisting they can change the world and the underdog can win.

The former beatle and staunch vegetarian has worked tirelessly for years to try and coax people away from meat and is a fierce proponent of People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals' campaigns against fur and the mistreatment of animals.

In an interview to celebrate the charity's 25th anniversary, McCartney encourages campaigners to keep fighting and beat the odds.

He says, "Remember all the things in the past that seemed insurmountable. Remember (MOHANDAS) GANDHI in India. It seemed like he could never do it - one man in a loin cloth taking on the might of the British Empire-impossible. But he did it. He won.

"The abolition of slavery, that looked like it would never happen. Civil rights looked like it would never arrive, but it did. South Africa's apartheid looked like it would never end. (NELSON) MANDELA being head of a nation like South Africa, which was so white and prejudiced-it would have been unbelievable when I went to school.

"All of us get a little worn down by it, but the truth is, we are winning. We will win in the same way that people now do have civil rights. We are learning to understand these issues."