Music legends Sir Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett made special guest appearances on Saturday Night Live last weekend (11NOV06), joining guest host Alec Baldwin. MCCartney made a brief appearance in a skit where Baldwin and comedian Steve Martin battled it out for the title of who has guest hosted the show the most times. Martin Short also made an appearance as a waiter and MCCartney appeared at the end of the sketch, causing a surprised Baldwin to break character and cover his mouth in disbelief. Baldwin then dressed up as legendary singer Bennett to host THE TONY BENNETT SHOW with a backdrop of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. A visibly delighted Bennett, who recently turned 80, appeared in the skit as a regular guy who was a last-minute guest on the show when there was a mix-up. The pair ended the sketch with a camp rendition of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. Bennett then reappeared for the closing number of the show where he did a surprise duet, singing STEPPIN' OUT WITH MY BABY with musical guest CHRISTINA AGUILERA.