A song promised to HANK MARVIN by Sir Paul McCartney has finally been released by the guitarist - more than 40 years after he first heard it. The former Beatle told the musician the track Here There And Everywhere was "perfect" for Marvin's band The Shadows, but ended up keeping the song as his own. Marvin says, "At some point during 1966, I ran into Paul at Abbey Road, where both The Shadows and The Beatles used to record. "Paul said he had a great tune that he'd just written which would be perfect for The Shadows. He played it for me and I loved it." Despite the fact MCCartney decided to retain the song for Beatles album Revolver, Marvin has finally been granted permission to cover the tune, which he does on new solo effort Guitar Man. He says, "Now, some 40-odd years later, I finally got to record my own version."