Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne are set to perform together at February's Brit Awards.

The former Beatle and Black Sabbath members might not seem like immediate gigging pals but it seems Ozzy is a big admirer of Macca.

With wife Sharon doing the business behind closed doors their onstage debut together is set to take place in February next year.

McCartney's latest record Memory Almost Full is viewed by Ozzy as being the best to be released in 2007.

And there's No Doubt Macca will be lapping up a lot of adulation at the awards ceremony, where he will receive an Outstanding Contribution to Music gong for his career.

To cap it off he will perform his James Bond theme masterpiece, Live and Let Die, with Osbourne. The intriguing prospect was described in wholly positive terms by the missus, X Factor judge Sharon.

"They go together really well. It will be amazing," she said.

29/12/2007 19:11:26