Sir Paul McCartney loves checking out circus troupe CIRQUE DU SOLEIL's Las Vegas Beatles tribute spectacular, L.O.V.E, because the show reminds him how good the Fab Four were. The Yesterday singer reveals technical surround-sound improvements made to Beatles hits for the show, which celebrated it's one-year anniversary at the Mirage hotel on Tuesday (26Jun07), help give the music a fresh, impressive sound. He explains, "The music in this show is so clear that, for instance, Ringo's drums, which were like the central glue in the whole band, you hear them so clear; it's like a miracle. "They were often buried in mixes and you just realise just how good we were." Bandmate Ringo Starr, who joined MCCartney for Tuesday's celebrations, adds, "You can hear everything now. Things that we buried a lot, it's all very clear, so it's really great to hear it."