Sir Paul McCartney’s girlfriend NANCY SHEVELL has given up meat in an effort to prove she is serious about her relationship with the animal lover.
The New York socialite has been dating MCCartney since last year (07), and the couple recently took a road trip across the U.S. together.
And Shevell is so besotted with the former Beatle, she’s reportedly turned vegetarian and ditched her love of crocodile skin handbags to impress MCCartney and his family.
A source close to Shevell says, “Nancy has... given up her beloved steaks, which shocked us. When they travelled around America this summer, they lived on avocado sandwiches and tomato soup. Now Nancy orders veggie food all the time.”
MCCartney’s late first wife Linda was a staunch campaigner for animal rights and started up her own vegetarian food range, which the family still run today.