Sir Paul McCartney is set to headline old pal and housemate Peter Asher's upcoming U.S. tour without setting foot onstage - the former Peter & Gordon star is planning to play a lost song the Beatle recorded in 1964 as part of his Musical Memoir of the '60s and Beyond concerts.

Asher, who is the brother of MCCartney's ex-girlfriend Jane, unearthed the forgotten solo version of the pop superstar's A World Without Love last year (12), and recalls it was taped at his home when MACca was a guest.

The song became a number one hit for Peter & Gordon after the Beatles turned it down.

Asher tells, "He had two tape machines and I had one - we were both into taping. Paul told me about the song and played it for me.

"No one wanted it. John (Lennon) didn't like it or something."

Asher discovered the recording in a storage space in Los Angeles and he is planning to play it as part of his upcoming tour.