Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills was all set to appear in hit U.S. TV show Desperate Housewives - until actress Eva Longoria PARKER demanded she be dropped from the cast.
The former glamour model's ex-publicist, Michele Elyzabeth, insists that Mills is "desperate" to make a name for herself in Hollywood and advised her to secure her a role on a high profile TV series.
And Elyzabeth reveals that Mills was close to appearing in Desperate Housewives, until Longoria Parker objected to the decision.
Elyzabeth says, "Heather was desperate to live in America. She wanted to be accepted by Hollywood in any way. I tried to get her on Desperate Housewives in a little cameo.
"The producer was keen. I reckon they saw the chance to get some headlines for the show. But when the stars discussed it, Eva Longoria was totally against it. She demanded Heather be dropped from consideration."
And Elyzabeth insists that Desperate Housewives wasn't the only show she tried to get Mills onto.
She adds, "I even had discussion with the bosses of Ugly Betty, but they gave me a flat no. The major TV shows over there just didn't think Heather fitted in anywhere."