Sir Paul McCartney's former WINGS bandmate DENNY LAINE is set to spill the secrets behind their turbulent friendship in a new book. MCCartney formed the group with guitarist Laine in 1971, but the pair fell out in January 1980 after the former Beatle was taken into police custody for marijuana possession at Japan's Tokyo airport. The arrest forced the group to cancel international tour dates and Laine reportedly never forgave MCCartney for what he saw as an act of betrayal. Laine has since teamed up with a professional ghostwriter to work on his autobiography, which is expected to shed light on his fractured relationship with the Let It Be hitmaker. A source close to Laine says, "Denny has been approached by one of music's most reputable authors about a much-anticipated biography. In the past, questionable motives. Denny would have none of it. "But this time, the project will be done on Denny's terms."