Paul McCartney seems to have made a few unsightly gaffes in his latest promo video, for the song 'My Valentine.' MACca decided to enlist some of his celebrity chums to appear in the video, using Makaton - a form of sign language, to communicate the words in the video. Johnny Depp pitches in, as does Natalie Portman. Nobody can argue that it wasn't a good idea, but perhaps the former Beatle should have got someone to check over the video before releasing it, as it appears that some of the signing is giving out the wrong message to those that understand the language.
Natalie Portman provides the video's first slip up; signing the word for "tampon" rather than "appear." The British Deaf Association have picked up on the problem and although they appreciate the sentiment, a spokesperson for the organisation has said "The sign for tampon does seem to come up from both Johnny and Natalie, which causes some confusion, especially as American and British sign languages are different."