Sir Paul McCartney's glamorous wife Heather Mills can understand why other people fear her marriage will end in heartbreak.

The brave former model - who lost a leg in a police motorbike crash in 1993 - has a chequered romantic past, including one failed marriage and three broken engagements.

She says, "I can understand people being worried because of the broken engagements and being sceptical that it's not going to work, but it takes two for a relationship not to work, not just one.

"I truly believed at the time when I got engaged to these people that I was very much in love with them, respected them, hoped it would work out.

"I'm a true romantic and I meet somebody and it's either immediate or nothing, so I've had a few partners in my past - no more than any other woman of 35.

"When I first met Paul I started thinking, 'What if this doesn't work out? I'm going to be this terrible woman who didn't work it out with this perfect man who was married for 30 years, who never made a mistake'. Which is why it was me who wanted to keep it quiet as long as possible.

"Paul actually said to me, 'How am I going to keep somebody like you?' - knowing I'd had these relationships. I replied, 'Romance, that's all I have ever wanted or needed'."

16/05/2003 17:04