Sir Paul McCartney's new wife Heather Mills is proving yet again she's just like his beloved LINDA - by gracing the cover of an animal rights magazine.

The former model, who has become a landmines abolitionist since she lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, has posed for the front cover of PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS' 2004 shopping guide for caring consumers.

Linda McCartney, who was a longtime PETA supporter, also graced the cover of the annual publication - now in its 14th year - in a bid to highlight products which had not been tested on animals.

The guide lists thousands of consumer products, and the McCartneys, who are expecting the birth of their first child next month, will be particularly interested in the listings for cruelty-free baby products such as powders, toiletries, and soaps.

Mills gave PETA an exclusive photograph for the cover of the guide, and her endorsement marks her first public support for PETA's animal rights campaigns - an issue that is also very dear to husband Paul.

The guide will be available later this month (OCT03) in book stores and health-food stores throughout America.

23/10/2003 02:00