Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills remains an ardent supporter of the modelling industry, but is devastated that fur is back in fashion.

Mills, a dedicated campaigner for the United Nations, has attacked the cruelty and superficiality of using animal skins, and has revealed horrifying facts about the fur trade.

She says, "I enjoy modelling and love the fact that you don't have to be a teenager to do it.

"But the saddest part of modelling at the moment is the return of fur. A lot of it is dog and cat fur, mis-labelled as fox, mink or sable, and dyed to order.

"It takes 16 puppies to make a single coat, and the horrific thing is they're skinned alive to make the fur better quality. How shallow to kill for the superficiality of fashion - why not be happy in your own skin?"

17/03/2005 17:26