Sir Paul McCartney's pregnant wife Heather Mills is donning a pair of plastic shoes to help promote better treatment of animals.

It was announced yesterday (24JUL03) that the former Beatles legend is spearheading a PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA) campaign against the way fast food joint KFC treats its chickens.

And now his new wife has agreed to be PETA's poster girl for their cruelty-free fashion campaign.

Heather will be at the forefront of PETA's "Have a look that kills without killing" campaign.

PETA spokesman DAN MATHEWS says, "It's all about looking fabulous without being cruel."

The former model is following in the footsteps of Macca's late wife LINDA who was a well-known animal rights campaigner, and will also be promoting a range of cruelty-free baby products.

25/07/2003 13:32