Heather Mills-McCartney has been briefed by police on a security threat that she faces.

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney was told by Sussex police that a "non specific threat" had emerged from Merseyside and was given a list of names involved.

Sir Paul, with whom she is going through an extremely public and controversial divorce, is also said to have been informed of the threat.

Although there is thought to be "no imminent risk" to the former model and charity campaigner, it is believed that she has had a panic button installed in her home.

"Police can confirm that Mills-McCartney was spoken to by officers and was fully informed of all the information," said Bernie Murphy, the force's command and control centre supervisor.

"Local officers have been fully briefed regarding the circumstances and provision has been made for an immediate police response should this be necessary."

Earlier this month in an interview with the BBC, Lady Mills-McCartney admitted that she had received death threats and that the "very scary" situation she is in has caused her severe depression.

18/12/2006 15:16:48