Heiress SABRINA GUINNESS is furious media reports she was having a relationship with former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney have ruined her chances of another date with the star. The socialite was linked to MCCartney in March (07) following the breakdown of his marriage to Heather Mills last year (06). The pair sparked a press frenzy when they were spotted hugging outside her London home, even though the clinch was perfectly innocent. Now Guinness fears the intense interest in her relationship with MCCartney has scuppered any chance of meeting him again. She says, "If I could, I would, but I haven't. "I met him a number of times and he seems to be a really nice person. We were actually going out to dinner at the time we were photographed, because I wanted to talk to him about the David Attenborough (charity) project I was working on, but we didn't even get to have dinner. "Suddenly the press were on our tail and the whole idea had to be abandoned. I've always been a huge fan of the Beatles and as I say I have a great respect for Paul and his music, he's a great songwriter and seems to be a very good man."