A loyal former aide to Sir Paul McCartney has slammed the ex-beatle's estranged wife Heather Mills, insisting her claims are simply "wicked lies". Geoff Baker was MCCartney's publicist and closest confidante for 15 years, but was sacked by Sir Paul in 2004 when he failed to take to the ex model. He rages, "That poisonous bitch doesn't deserve a penny. "I was with them for four years when she says a lot of this took place. On my son's life, I never saw him lay a finger on her or abuse her. Her allegations are outrageous lies. It is pure wickedness." In the leaked divorce papers, Mills claims that while on tour in Los Angeles, California, in November 2002, MCCartney "grabbed her by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table". Baker says, "If Paul really had grabbed Heather, you can guarantee I would have heard. There were 198 people on that tour and it would have gone round like wildfire." Referring to Mills' claim that MCCartney prevented her from breast-feeding the couple's two-year-old daughter BEATRICE, he fumes, "Who is she talking about? That's not Paul. There is no way he would say such a thing. "This is the same man who had three children with LINDA (MCCartney's late first wife)."