Sir Paul McCartney's early artistic efforts can still be seen at Liverpool's Casbah Coffee Club - he painted the ceiling of the English venue's Rainbow Room.

McCartney and Beatles bandmates George Harrison and John Lennon offered to help decorate the hip basement club in between playing shows as The Quarrymen in the late 1950s.

And the venue, which was owned by the mother of the group's former drummer Pete Best, is still standing - and Lennon and McCartney's painting efforts still exist.

Best's brother RORY recalls, "They came down, had a look at the club and they liked it, they thought it was great.

"They said, 'We'll give you a hand with it,' and, sure enough, to their word, they did.

"The ceiling was done by John Lennon, the Rainbow Room ceiling was done by Paul and the Aztec Room ceiling was done by John Lennon."

Pete Best recalls that, while McCartney did a terrific job, Lennon was a mess: "There was a multitude of things that he did wrong - he painted it with gloss and it should have been matt, he painted his fingers on the ceiling. (My mother) MO didn't like them, she wanted this Aztec theme.

"Paul painted the rainbow ceiling... and the beauty of it is that even today those things are still there."