Ex-BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney enjoys shocking people when he travels on public transport, because nobody expects to see the rock superstar in anything other than a limousine.

The veteran musician particularly enjoys chatting with stunned passengers, as he loves connecting with fans face to face.

He says, "People always expect you to be riding around in stretch limousines all the time, but I will sometimes take public transport if it's convenient, and it does surprise people, you see heads turn.

"I was in New York and I needed to get uptown, so I took one of the uptown buses. A few people noticed, and this black lady said, 'Hey, you Paul McCartney?' and started getting quite loud.

"I said, 'Yeah, but I don't want any trouble off you, babe. If you're going to talk to me, come over here, sit by me.'

"She did, and I heard her entire history."