Sir Alan Sugar has explained that he had no choice but to fire Jenny Celerier from the current series of The Apprentice.

The redhead was shown the door from the BBC1 reality show on Wednesday night along with project manager Jennifer Maguire after the failure of a bargaining task in Morocco.

And while Maguire was fired because of her lack of planning and failure to control her team, Sir Alan told the contestants he had given Celerier the boot as she was "a bit of a snake".

Celerier had, along with fellow contestant Michael Sophocles, attempted to bribe a salesman into preventing the opposing team from acquiring a tennis racquet while the pair also tried to pass off a chicken 'blessed' by a Muslim butcher as kosher.

Speaking on last night's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the Amstrad boss said of Celerier: "That one had to go."

The former Tottenham Hotspur chairman also revealed his opinion of the contestants on the fourth series of The Apprentice, having earlier in the week claimed he was "flabbergasted" at the ignorance of some of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

"Simon's a nice bloke but I got it right. He's good physically, that's his station in life," he said of former soldier Simon Smith, who was fired after losing money on a photography task.

Sir Alan added: "Raef [Bjayal]'s a very nice fellow, but we'll have to wait and see."

He also said he was interested in signing up Ross for the celebrity version of The Apprentice for the next Comic Relief.

"You're going to join us... I'll be nice to you," he told the talkshow host.

10/05/2008 00:01:01