Sir Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan are turning their personal feud into a nationwide popularity contest ahead of tomorrow's Baftas.

The Apprentice supremo and Morgan, who won the US version of the show hands-down but was humiliatingly told "you're fired!" by Sir Alan in the UK celebrity series, are locking horns in tomorrow evening's BAFTA awards.

Morgan's show Britain's Got Talent is up against BBC1's The Apprentice for the Sky+ audience award for the programme of the year.

"I want to get revenge on Sugar, so I've said to everyone, 'Get out, vote for Britain's Got Talent, and we may fire Alan'," the self-confessed "obnoxious Brit" told ITV1's GMTV.

"Losing would be bad enough for him, but losing to me would make his world end."

Sir Alan, unsurprisingly, is maintaining his usual contempt for Morgan. He suggested a Britain's Got Talent win, if such an event did occur, would have next to nothing to do with Morgan's talents.

He told the Mirror newspaper: "If Britain's Got Talent does win, it will be thanks to Simon Cowell, the organ grinder, rather than his monkey - Piers Morgan."

19/04/2008 10:33:03