Sir Alan Sugar has picked Majid Nagra as the third contestant to be fired from the new series of The Apprentice.

The 28-year-old found himself in the boardroom along with Ben Clarke and James McQuillan after the boys' team lost a task of creating fitness equipment.

Debra Barr had earlier led the girls' Ignite team to victory, with 10,180 orders for their re-designed exercise ball.

And after project manager James - in the boardroom for the second week running - took Ben and Majid to face a grilling from Sir Alan, Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, it was Coventry-native Majid who got the boor from the BBC1 show.

Sir Alan told Majid: "General feeling amongst my two colleagues here is that you just hang around on the periphery and don't actually do anything."

He added: "My instincts are that I can't really have someone that is perceived not to contribute and you may not agree with this but Maj - you're fired!"

Speaking after his firing, Majid said James should have been fired as the project manager in charge of the boys' defeat.

Majid, a business development manager, was expelled from school but had turned his life around and works with youth centres and charities while running his own car hire business.

08/04/2009 22:13:42