Sir Alan Sugar has unveiled a new television set-top box that he believes will dramatically alter the way that viewers watch television. A Uk Press Association report reveals that Lord Sugar unveiled the new device, which has been named YouView and said "Our intention with this simple-to-use box is to provide extraordinary TV for everyone, with on-demand services combined with TV channels with an opportunity to search back an entire week to catch what they've missed. It's a whole new way of experiencing TV."
YouView will reportedly allow users to search through over 100 digital TV channels, as well as having access to broadcast archives from the likes of the Bbc and Channel 4. YouView will also enable viewers to pause and rewind live TV as well as having access to current shows up to a week after they were first shown. The sale of the device has been backed by Bbc, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Itv. It will combine Freeview channels with internet usage and on-demand services.
The development of the device is said to have cost Lord Sugar in the realm of 70 million and will go on sale this month for 299 pounds per unit. They have been trialled in over 2,000 homes and YouView Ceo Richard Halton insisted that the feedback was "very encouraging." He added "It confirms that YouView is easy to set up and use and different to what has gone before. In many ways we've only just begun, YouView is set to evolve quickly and we look forward to working with new content partners and developing more functionality as boxes roll out into UK homes."